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First dissemination webinar on WAAM towards European professionals by Grade2XL Project

Grade2XL Webinars aims at promoting R&D results and industrial uses of Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing

Keep updated with the latest technological developments! Book you first Fridays of each month to attend cross-disciplinary topics related to Wire-Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM). Enjoy a meal while you get the latest insights from the leaders of the European research and manufacturing community.


It consists of 45 minutes webinars from 13:00 to 13:45 CET featuring 2 speakers. Each webinar will have a theme which will be explored through the presentations of two complementary experts and through open discussions through questions & answers. The targeted audience is European professionals such as stakeholders of the manufacturing industry, metallic materials researchers, welding and Additive Manufacturing engineers (as well as robotics engineers), Design engineers and students in design /manufacturing.

The first Grade2XL webinar will be hold on the 6th of May and will address Advanced Manufacturing with WAAM technique («As industrial, Where do I start ? »).

An insight into smart manufacturing developments & industrial adoption of the technology. In addition, companies interested to start 3D printing large metal parts will get the chance to see how to get “from zero to XL” using WAAM.

Speaker N°1: C. GOULAS – Ass. Prof. UTwente & Scientific Advisor RAMLAB BV

Speaker N°2: Prof.dr. I.Gibson – Prof. UTwente and Scientific Director Fraunhofer Project Centre

Register to this 1st webinar through the link right here.

Then, do not miss this webinar and the next ones : save the lunchbreak timeslot (13:00 CET) each 1st Friday of the month and check regularly the bottom of the Grade2XL website News and Events page to register.

To get the latest news about multi-material WAAM and participate to Technical Experience Days at industrial facilities, follow the LinkedIn account of Grade2XL Project or subscribe to the quarterly newsletter.



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