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Grade2XL Webinar on 21 June

« Engineering the Future: Harnessing Topology Optimization and Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing for Advanced Design Solutions »


Join us for an in-depth exploration of Topology Optimization and Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM), transformative technologies at the forefront of industrial design innovation. This webinar delves into how topology optimization not only maximizes material efficiency but also unleashes new possibilities in design flexibility and performance by identifying optimal material distribution and structural integrity for any given load condition.

Paired with the practical capabilities of WAAM, these methodologies foster the creation of lighter, stronger, and more sustainable structures. Learn from real-world applications and case studies that demonstrate their impact on reducing time-to-market and enhancing product performance in modern manufacturing. »

In this talk, we will explore how Topology Optimization (TO) can transform traditional manufacturing paradigms by enabling the creation of complex, high-performance designs that surpass conventional intuition. We will highlight the crucial integration of finite element method (FEM) analyses with TO, demonstrating how this synergy enhances the benefits of additive manufacturing (AM) through the creation of optimized, problem-tailored designs. Special attention will be given to the lessons learned from Grade2XL, where TO was employed to produce optimized designs tailored to two specific use-cases. These examples will illustrate the practical application of TO in real-world scenarios and emphasize the importance of collaboration among TO experts, AM specialists, and end-users.

The discussion will also cover the necessary knowledge and conditions for successful TO implementation, including an understanding of material properties, operational conditions, and the limitations of the printing process. This segment aims to provide attendees with insights into how TO can be effectively applied in AM to achieve innovative, and functional designs, fully aligned with user requirements.


Speakers :

  • Dr. Constantinos GOULAS, Assistant Professor, University Twente & Scientific Advisor RAMLAB - “Advanced manufacturing with WAAM: latest trends and innovations”

  • Dr. Franz Bormann, Research Engineer and Program Manager, Materials innovation institute (M2i) - “Beyond Intuition: Elevating Additive Manufacturing with Topology Optimization”



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