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Next Grade2XL Webinar on 12 April

“Non-destructive testing and monitoring techniques for additive manufactured metallic parts”


The principal objective of the Grade2XL project is to print extra-large structures using the WAAM (Wire Arc Additive Manufacturing) method with a complete control of the fabrication process. Since WAAM is a relatively new technology for printing large specimens, it is important to develop quality assurance methods that can be used during the fabrication and once the structure has been built, which is the focus of CEA List in the project.


Join this webinar and our two experts from the Grade2XL consortium to learn about in-line monitoring systems, characterization and Non Destructive Testing techniques applied to WAAM.


Speakers :

Steve MAHAUT, Head of Monitoring, Control and Diagnosis Unit CEA

Anaïs BAUMARD, Research Engineer CEA

CEA List



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