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Additive Manufacturing Design Contest for Young Engineers

During the annual conference Meeting Materials, organized by M2i, the Grade2xl project will organize an open Additive Manufacturing Design Contest for young engineers as part of the Grade2XL project.

We therefore challenge all young engineers and researchers to design a novel product, to be printed with wire arc additive manufacturing.


  • Are you a student enrolled in an MBO, HBO, bachelor, PhD or master’s degree program at a European university, or are you a young professional who is still under the age of 35 on 15 December 2020?

  • Do you have an idea for a 3D printed component that can be made with the wire arc additive manufacturing technology?

  • Are you passionate about technology and want to see your ideas take shape?

Grade2XL will demonstrate the potential of multi-material wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) for large structures. The project will deliver multi-material products of superior quality and performance, cut lead times by up to 96% and enable massive savings for the maritime, energy and industrial machinery sectors. The Grade2XL consortium is led by M2i and gathers 21 partners from eight European countries, top innovators in the field of wire arc additive manufacturing.

The following criteria will shape the selection process:

  1. Novelty: new geometry, impossible to manufacture with conventional processes;

  2. Functionally graded: showing added value of multimaterial composition, i.e. different properties at different locations;

  3. Purpose: the design should be intended for a real engineering application.

The Jury consist of five experts working in the field of WAAM, in academic and industrial organisations which are at the forefront of WAAM.

There will be two prizes, and the winners will have their parts manufactured at RAMLAB in Rotterdam and Naval Group in Nantes, respectively. If the designed part is heavier than 20kg, a representative component of up to 20 kg will be printed. The winner will be selected via a blind (pseudonymised) procedure.

More details about the criteria, requirements and the application form can be found on: The submission deadline is 20 November 2020. The winner will be announced during the web conference M2i Meeting Materials on 15 December. If you have any question please contact us at: designcontest[at]



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