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World’s first monitoring software for multimaterial WAAM

by Iulia Degeratu & Vincent Wegener

In Grade2XL, RAMLAB has developed a real-time anomaly detection system (MaxQ) suitable for multimaterial wire arc additive manufacturing.

This innovative system includes: a torch with a 3D scanner and a thermal camera to control the geometry and interpass temperature, a High Frequency Voltage Inverter (HF VI) robot data access for position coordinates and welding parameters and optionally a spectroscope, a microphone and melt pool camera. The system can trace anomalies in real time such as wire feeding problems or a worn out torch tip, and can also give out the intensity ratio between elements (compositional analysis). A closed loop control system is currently under development.

MaxQ + PANASONIC ROBOT in cooperation with Valk Welding.

More details about the MaxQ system are provided on RAMLAB’s website:



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